We work with different Insolvency Administrator Practices and supported in excess of 50 company transactions. FaMAS has impressed us in a very competitive bidding process with its Investor. Its speed, level of professionalism and execution of the transaction were unheard of. We mutually signed the purchase agreement in 6 weeks after the first meeting at the company. Most of European Investors will struggle to achieve such a professional performance – for investors from far east I have not heard of such a case. Especially, as FaMAS also had to coordinate 16 different consultants, among them a big 4 firm, and stakeholders from the investor company. Impressive!

Founder and Managing Director of a specialised Turnaround Consulting firm

Dimitrij and his team at FaMAS GmbH have found a unique deal opportunity for us. It has been a complicated and difficult process which would have been a lot more difficult, maybe even impossible for us to close without his help. We were impressed with his outstanding tactical advisory and insights into many complex matters. This is why we asked him to continue to support us after the deal and through the turnaround management. I recommend him 100% to anyone except our competitors.

Chairman of large stock-listed Taiwanese corporation

FaMAS did a fantastic job coordinating and guiding us through the entire acquisition process. I am engaged in the business of providing financial and operational turnaround, restructuring and interim management services to troubled companies for more than 10 years, but I have never had an advisory firm doing such a great job. We would not have been able to do the investment without FaMAS.

Director and shareholder of US manufacturer

with sales of >USD 50 Mio

Doing distress deals in Germany was new for us and we therefore needed some help and guidance. We decided to choose FaMAS instead of a large professional service company, simply because being a small transaction specialist, FaMAS was more flexible on our needs and their cost structure is substantially lower. They did a great job.

Managing Director of Indian family business

with sales of >EUR 20 Mio.

It has been the first time that a professional service company helped us to really understand the opportunity, avoid pitfalls and even advising us not do a deal because of the high level of risk and a unfavorable valuation. I would recommend FaMAS to every other investor out there.

Managing Director of a Chinese manufacturing

business with >500 employees

FaMAS supported me on each aspect of the transaction – from screening, due diligence, financing, interim management, etc. etc. etc. Great service. Delivered always on time. Very flexible. Provided greater service than most of large professional companies for only a fraction of the costs.

Russian high-net worth individual

Thank you Dimitrij for helping me in this investment analysis to avoid making a big mistake and investing into the wrong company at wrong terms. It has been a painful process with many surprises and personally difficult to realize and accept the risks. I really wanted to do the deal but now I am glad I did not.

A US investor who has successfully invested in several distressed businesses and made them profitablel

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