Access anonymously
hand-picked investors/buyers
from 90 countries free of charge

Free of charge for you, your
customers or your suppliers

FaMAS fee share for other consultants –
we pay you!

Optional: customized
investor search
for 12 months at low flat rate

We are looking for:


Established companies with a minimum of EUR 10 Mio revenue or 50 employees.

Smaller companies are only interesting if it is high growth (>25%) with a minimum of EUR 1 Mio revenue in previous year.


Any industry, including old sectors such as foundries


Any profitability, even loss making or insolvent or bankrupt companies provide they have minimum size.


Business Headquarter or main business has to be in a Europe, excluding any country east of EU border.

For M&A and Corporate Finance Advisors : FaMAS helps increase your fees

Get higher price for your deal from foreign investor
Expand your universe of investors 2500 handpicked qualified investors by FaMAS
Access to >10.000 other investors
Increase your mandates: FaMAS introduces you to new sell-side mandates introductions to FaMAS proprietary off-market opportunities to gain
FaMAS guarantee: Anonymous professional investor matching without a risk to your client’s business or the transaction

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For other consultants not mandated on transactions such as interim-manager, supply chain consultants, management consultants

FaMAS helps you to help your clients:

If your clients needs external cash
If your client has a succession issue
If your client could benefit to expand internationally
Free of charge to your client with option to get a fee for yourself from us

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For Due Diligence advisors such as audit, legal and tax

FaMAS helps you to generate additional income for yourself

FaMAS helps introduce buyers/investors which will create additional work for you
FaMAS foreign investors often need additional support on audit, legal or tax which FaMAS does not provide

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For Banks and other Lenders

FaMAS helps your debtors/customer to improve rating with additional cash
reduce risk in your existing loan book
improve rating for new clients and provide more loans
No risk limit: FaMAS supports insolvencies
free of charge for you or your debtor

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For Supply Chain Managers

FaMAS helps you to improve supply chain management

Reduce risk of supply chain disruptions
FaMAS helps your suppliers to expand and improve their capabilities with more cash
More cash helps improve its efficiency and reduce prices for you
FaMAS helps your suppliers to overcome temporary cash problems

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For Sales Manager

FaMAS helps your customers with additional financing options
FaMAS can provide your customers with additional cash to buy your products or services

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Every case is analysed individually taking into account special concerns of owners, managers, employees, banks and administrators. The only core common aspect of almost everything we do is a high level of investment complexity typical for loss making companies and insolvencies.


While FaMAS permanent staff consists of 9 people, we use our various networks to pull-in specialists in Due Diligence and management of turnaround companies.

FaMAS Capital consists of experienced investors, consultants and senior managers. Our team originally started as an advisor and interim manager to private equity companies focused on direct investments in special situations. Most of what we have done has both management and financial aspects and therefore we have developed into an investor ourselves.

FaMAS Search Profiles June 2024

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