FaMAS‘ selection of TOP active middle market transactions September 2022

What shall we do in this environment? War in Ukraine, high inflation, supply chain problems, energy crisis … ? I get this question asked more often recently and hey, I do not know. A Managing Director from CINVEN, a globally leading PE firm, told me that he is not worried about the global market at all.  Nobody can predict the future of the world, nobody at Cinven and probably even nobody anywhere else. All we can do is try to do our best in beating our closest competitor. That is challenging enough but it is a lot easier to monitor and benchmark yourself against a competitor than against everyone else on the planet. We will continue to invest through the cycle and try to get the best talent of people and companies. Every crisis has opportunities. If you look hard enough you can spot them. 

As of Sep29 we have a list of 190 opportunities. Let me know if you want to try your best to spot them. 

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