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100% Buy-Side: As the only provider in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, FaMAS operates exclusively for investors and invests its own capital for and with handpicked partners in the amount of EUR 2-120 million per transaction. These are 100% complete takeovers, but also minority and equity replacing loans. Since 1995, more than 40 SMEs have been involved in companies and direct investments in more than 20 countries. In total, transactions amounting to more than EUR 1 billion were accompanied, although today the focus is on smaller transactions. In 2018 over 400 transactions were sighted. These include profitable and growing companies as well as distressed and even insolvent companies, but not startups

Free of charge:

For sellers, their consultants and capital seekers, FaMAS offers a free option to find investors and buyers. FaMAS is uniquely suited to finding international investors. Over 95% of our investment partners come from one of 90 countries, have no head office in Germany and seek strategic investment opportunities. Often, these investors are not found through extensive research by leading M & A companies. However, FaMAS does not offer sell-side advice. We recommend suitable service providers (also free).

100% for investors:

FaMAS has an unbeatable service for finding investments. In addition to numerous professional M & A advisors, even leading international accountancy firms recommend us to their clients for investment research. Since 1999, the search for investment has been professionalized and has now been implemented in over 10 standardized procedures. Numerous small and large companies, private investors and even private equity houses commission FaMAS. The running costs are cheaper than for an own employee. The effectiveness is 10x-100x higher – especially in off-market opportunities.

For consultants, corporate finance advisors, M & A consultants, WPers, lawyers, interim managers and other business consultants of all kinds offers FaMAS cooperations. FaMAS categorically does not provide sell-side advice or legal (legal, financial, tax) due diligence. FaMAS is limited to 100% on the search for equity. Of course, many other services for investors and company vendors are linked to this. In these cases we gladly recommend our cooperation partners. Of course, we also like to pay finder fees. Last but not least, we can also assist you on a case-by-case basis in finding investors.

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FaMAS Capital

Since 2007 our team has personally spoken to more than 9000 German companies about their needs and plans in financing or selling the company. This is why we know what they need.
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Target Search & Deal Origination

While FaMAS already originates about 400 opportunistic deals per year, but few really fit to a specific investors . Even so-called industry agnostic investors often need to screen hundreds…
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Transaction Services

FaMAS provides services related to corporate finance transactions incl. LTA negotiation support for investors with German automotive OEM customers. While some engagements have been…
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